Ragnar Recap: Lucho, Tawnee and Brock Share Everything Plus A How-To Guide To Ultra Team Relays

April 14, 2015

Lucho, Tawnee and Brock sit down together hours after finishing the Ragnar SoCal Relay to share all the details about their experience and how to successfully execute one of these epic relay events! We answer listener questions that were submitted as well.

A special thanks to our sponsors for the the event, Generation UCAN Superstarch and LifeBeam Technology. We couldn’t have asked for better support and such quality products for the ultimate in sports performance!
You can find out more at enduranceplanet.com/ucan or enduranceplanet.com/shop where you can enjoy exclusive savings of 15% off your purchase on both UCAN and LifeBeam products.

11129383_10152928636685805_4447853106800229579_nAlso, the Endurance Planet Team results are in:

– Official time was 26:44:05 for 182.4 miles (8:48 avg pace*)
– 10th in our division
– 55th overall out of 700+ teams
– Passed 600+ teams
– *Accidentally ran an extra mile (L—- got lost ;)) so technically we were even faster;)

Topics covered in this podcast:

– How to train for this kind of endurance event (and how not to train)

– Strategy for pacing when you have three runs spaced over 26+ hours (did they go all in or conservative?)

– Sleep deprivation and its effects

– Logistics (multiple vans, exchanges, etc)

– Teamwork and supporting each other

– Nutrition and hydration

– What NOT to eat (hint: M&Ms!)

– Pre-race preparation tips for a smooth event

– How to properly rest and recover during the event

– What to wear (and what to bring)

– Lucho, Tawnee and Brock’s specific running experiences, the terrain they faced and more

– Tawnee’s HRV and HR data collection – and the results!

– How are team moved up the ranks and having the competitive vibe

– Will there be more Ragnars (and other EP team events)?!

– Many more fun insider stories that went down with the EP team!

– and More!

Also, this isn’t the last on Ragnar; we’re recording a special podcast featuring the rest of the EP Ragnar team and the drivers who will share their highlights and personal accounts of their experience doing this event. We’ll be releasing that soon!

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