Sami Inkinen: Hacking The Triathlon Run, Minimalist Training Style, LCHF Diet, and Rowing to Hawaii with His Wife

June 2, 2014

Learn how to hack your run with Sami Inkinen, one of triathlon’s fastest age-groupers who’s known for a minimalist style of training and just recently won top amateur at Wildflower on limited time by hacking his run. Sami is a successful entrepreneur and businessman and co-founder of, and he’s all about optimizing physical performance while still working 90-hour weeks and traveling extensively. Among his many accomplishments he’s gone sub-9 hours in multiple Ironmans including Kona, has multiple 70.3 AG titles including at the 70.3 World Championships, and most recently was overall age-group(AG) champion at Wildflower.

On this show we’ll discuss:
-How Sami “hacked” his run in four weeks to become this year’s Wildflower AG champion (coming off what he describes as “undertrained” and “overweight”)
-Four key components to success in hacking the run for triathlon
-How he involves strength and running for optimal performance
-His minimalist training style and how he combines s/b/r workouts for success with lower volume
-How he transformed from sugar burner to fat burner through a low carb high fat diet, and how his performance in triathlon increased from those dietary changes
-how he fuels during racing with UCan Superstarch now, and what he uses in triathlon
*Then switching gears…*
-How Sami and his wife Meredith are embarking this June on a 60-day journey of rowing more than 2,400 miles from SF to Hawaii while raising awareness in the fight against sugar in the typical diet (find out more at
-The logistics of an endurance row across the Pacific including food/fuel, rowing shifts, rest, and more
-Training for this journey
-How we can follow them once they launch mid June
-and More!

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