Sanjay Rawal: A More Spiritual Approach To Running, and The Group in Queens That Runs 3,100 Miles Each Summer

November 1, 2019


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Sanjay Rawal is a filmmaker and runner. His most recent film is called 3100: Run and Become, which documents a small but mighty race in New York every year in which people spend nearly their whole summer running roughly 60 miles every day consecutively on a 1/2 mile block until they reach 3100 miles, taking them on a path to self-transcendence. On this show we talk to Sanjay and learn about this powerful yet little-known-about running race in Queens. Find Sanjay on Twitter and Instagram. View the movie trailer here.

  • Sanjay’s story and his path to a deep meditation practice.
  • His spiritual master Sri Chinmoy, a lifelong advocate of fitness and self transcendence.
  • Running as a spiritual practice and as a way we can overcome preconceived limitations about ourselves.
  • Mention: Deepak Chopra’s book, Buddha.
  • Many of us struggle to meditate – tips to stay consistent with it and disciplined to sit?
  • The 3100 race – how and why this race even started, what was(is) it trying to achieve?
  • It’s a small amount of people, about 12 or so, and no spectators, running from every day all day for nearly 2 months.
  • Inside the runners experience and this concept of transcendence that takes place.
  • The mind shuts off, heart and soul come forward (like a silent meditation retreat) – what triggers this transcendence?
  • What it’s like for the mind to “shut off” and experience transcendence.
  • Do we have to suffer to get there?
  • How can we tap into this in our running and/or meditation practice.
  • How we can let go (even if a little bit) of results, pace, performance, rankings, and all that…. and take a more spiritual approach to running.
  • How can we use our spiritual practice to boost our running performance

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