Sports Nutrition: Fat-Adapted or Carb-Based Approach to Racing, The Argument for Less Fiber, and Yay or Nay to Chocolate Milk?

April 21, 2013

Taking a fat-adapted or carb-based approach to racing and the differences, do different diets work best for different people, how can a person go about experimenting to find out which is best for him or her, etc.; chocolate milk as recovery; MAP to heal injury; pre-race fueling and hydration for shorter races i.e. 15ks; is fiber worse than we thought and should we peel skins of fruits and veggies or is fiber ok; dsoing for Ucan Superstarch in an Ironman; gels without sugar and fuel alternatives for fat-adapted atheltes; Ucan Superstarch vs. the Skratch Labs “food and drink” way of fueling; and more.

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