Sock Doc 5: Gaining Weight in Ironman Training, Why!? Plus, Meniscus Tear Recovery, Hiatal Hernias in Athletes, and More

June 28, 2017


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We are back with The Sock Doc, Dr. Steve Gangemi, for another”grab bag” style show with a variety of important topics and answers to your questions so you can kick more butt in your training and racing…

  • Steve’s trip to the Galapagos Islands a few highlights including the giant turtles who sound like Darth Vadar and look like ET.
  • Female health in ironman training.
    • Females who gain weight (especially midsection) when training harder for Ironman – what gives?
    • Female ironman athletes with thyroid issues.
    • The role of thyroid and gaining weight when training heavily – training may suppress thyroid even before it suppresses HPA axis function.
    • Does the MAF philosophy apply equally to women and men?
    • What happens when you overtrain aerobically – i.e. “aerobic excess.”
    • If not getting results with all aerobic-based training switch it up and add intensity (in moderation).
    • What to eat when IM training with thyroid issues, how to train in order to have a healthy body?
    • Make sure your carb intake matches activity – could be 80-200+ grams a day that you need!
  • Bioidentical thyroid supplement instead of synthetic thyroid meds – finding what works for you.
  • Problems with thyroid medication, Naturethroid.
  • Arthroscopy on a medial meniscus tear and post-surgery rehab – how to stay healthy, active and avoid re-injury?
  • With meniscus, you must identify and address underlying issues that caused the problem to prevent reoccurrence.
  • Could be biomechanical but could also be health and hormones.
  • The estrogen connection to ligament laxity – the applies to men too not just women!
  • Identifying endocrine disruptors – too high carb diet/carb intolerance, personal care products, household products, even candles!
  • Squat issues!
    • Dorsiflexion.
    • History of using an orthotic with a heel lift.
    • Toeing out.
    • Getting to 45 and 90 degrees.
    • Use a heel life or not to work on getting lower?
    • Range of motion and mobility issues.
  • Pros and cons to hands-on therapy (massage, chiro, ART) vs. self-myofacial release.
  • Do you really need to eat within X minutes of running? What if you are forced to run right before bed – still eat after?
  • When it DOES make sense to eat within 30-60min after a workout – long days, anaerobic sessions, etc.
  • Timing your food/meals and carbs if you’re a late-night runner.
  • Female athlete with a hiatal hernia and colitis – help!
    • Symptoms during swimming and biking.
    • Gut issues for years.
    • HH leads to pain, bloating, cramping, discomfort especially during all swims; nearly unable to do bricks let alone triathlons.
    • Relationship of breathing issues and chest vs. diaphragmatic breathing.
    • Effective DIY solutions for hiatal hernias – healing is possible!

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