Sock Doc 8: Less Is More – Natural Movement, No-Diet Wholesome Eating, and Toxin-Free Home and Personal Care

November 28, 2018


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On this episode with the Sock Doc we take a dive into what it means to embody a “less is more” lifestyle. Tawnee recently stayed with the Sock Doc and his family during her vanlife travels and saw first hand how they operate without shoes, in nature and by keeping it all simple.

Topics covered:

  • Benefits of being barefoot beyond running.
  • Special cases for going barefoot–what about hazards or cold feet (e.g. Raynaud’s)?
  • Using nature as your gym, and keeping it loose.
  • Always look to diet and whole foods before supplementing.
  • What supplements do you really need, if at all?
  • Are we overdoing Vitamin D?
  • Our past in-depth podcast on Vitamin D with the Sock Doc.
  • Muscle testing vs. blood testing – debating blood test needs.
  • The difficulty of finding nutrient-dense whole foods for some of us (and knowing where to look!).
  • Why the Sock Doc and Tawnee agree that some sugar in your diet (e.g. organic ice cream) is ok, but why we still avoid processed junk foods with HFCS, coloring, bad fats, etc.
  • Butter as its own food group.
  • Clean and toxic-free household cleaning products and personal care products we like:

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