Sports Nutrition 232: Maximize Supplement Absorption, Fish Bones For Health, and More

April 4, 2016

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On this episode of Sports Nutrition with Ben Greenfield:

  • Nutrient delivery mechanisms and absorption of supplements.
  • How can we know if we’re getting the most from our pills and capsules? Are there common supplements that are better to get in non-pill form?
  • Liposomal glutathione vs NAC pills
  • Vitamin D/K2–liquid or pill form? We recommend Thorne’s brand.
  • Vitamin injections/IV’s
  • Bitter melon extract as an insulin mimetic. Could it be used to speed up carb re-loading e.g. between heavy endurance sessions? Would you be able to store more glycogen in a short time using bitter melon as opposed to relying on insulin / GLUT4 alone?
  • Does eating fish bones and / or egg shells have any health value, i.e. a good source of calcium?
  • Debate over stevia. Are small amounts in products like UCAN ok?

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