Sports Nutrition 236 with The Sock Doc: Food and Supplements to Ease Anxiety, Pros and Cons of Ketosis, and Chronically High Blood Sugar

January 3, 2017


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On this episode of Sports Nutrition 236, we have a special guest host, Dr. Steve Gangemi aka The Sock Doc. In addition to his chiropractic practice, Steve is a board-certified sports nutritionist and joins the show to tackle your questions…

In This Show:

  • How to help athletes with excess anxiety and unnecessary stress, mentally speaking, especially females?
    • Are there supplements, certain macro ratios or specific foods would we advise for athletes dealing with anxiety, worry and high stress?
    • Should one avoid IF and sugar? How to find the proper nutrition for one’s cognitive needs?
    • Should one get tested to measure for deficiencies and imbalances, which is best to do first: urine organic acids, blood or hormone?
    • GABA and nourishing your neurotransmitters.
  • Steve shares his balanced approached to diet and nutrition.
  • Pros and cons of nutritional ketosis, and understanding the risks of taking it too far.
  • Trouble in keto land: Ironman athlete wants to know if going from low-carb/loosely Paleo to fully ketogenic was too much for the body and the cause of his performance decline.
    • Other potential negative impacts from going full keto: an increase in resting HR, drop in HRV, drop in power, slower MAF pace, and increase in racing HR.
  • The concept of carb cycling for best results
  • Adopting MAF after year of dealing with an injury and also learning to wean off carb dependence.
  • When diet, fasted workouts and low carb can go too far, especially for females.
  • Achieving healthy body composition and understanding the red flags if your body is getting too lean.
  • Could you have signs of an eating disorder and not realize it?
  • Abnormally high blood glucose reading despite a lower carb diet, healthy lifestyle and regular exercise?
  • What should you do if glucose levels commonly are 105-120 up to 140s upon waking. Could this be a sign of a more serious issue that requires investigation?

Comments (5)

  • cck197 says:

    Great episode! I'd like to point out that "metabolic flexibility" is a term used in the medical literature:

  • Always good to hear Steve. It’s been so long, he used to come out and run with our trail group. Where have you been Steve? 🙂

  • Tarrah says:

    I really enjoyed this dialogue. Just wanted to add one quick thought. As a lisenced mental health prof. I’d be really careful puting any foods into the bad category (Steve mentioned no soda or IHOP). Anorexia is a mental disorder that has one of the highest mortality rates. Drinking coke and having white pancakes metabolically for someone in that state is better than starving. This is very subtle but I would encourage being extremely careful in giving dietary advice if ED is not your area of specialty.

    • Thanks Tarrah, I appreciate your advice and agree. With my clients we use the terms "efficient" vs "inefficient" foods. And when I have an ED client we don't even categorize foods as good or bad in order to get away from the judgement and negativity – so I completely agree with your advice and appreciate you taking the time to comment!! It's sometimes hard to give advice to "everyone" on a podcast, you know? I know there are many type of people listening in – some who do need to break away from soda and some who could use calories from any source even soda…. it makes it tough but we are doing our best. Thank you again!

  • Tarrah says:

    Thanks for responding. I appreciate your open mind and heart. ????

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