Sports Nutrition: BCAAs, Increase Fat Burn and More

October 27, 2011

On this episode of “Sports Nutrition,” Ben Greenfield answers your questions on BCAAs for endurance athletes, limiting carbs during exercise to increase fat burn, and taking supplements for strength training. Ask your sports nutrition questions on our Facebook page!

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  • not a facebook fan or member so can I ask my sports nutrition questions here?
    I've been trying out the intermittent fasting approach for about a month now and it's working well, but I have a couple questions about it.
    1. how long can you exercise fasted before you need to eat something? I've gone up to 2 hours but I know from past episodes you need some carbs to help convert the fat to fuel so about when should you start eating and how much do you need per hour?
    2. how long can you continue this protocol before taking a break, can you keep it up for extended periods of time like 4 or 5 months or will you at some point start to do some damage to your body?


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