Sports Nutrition: Control Cortisol During Tough Training, Rethinking Free Radicals, Carb Refueling for the Fat-Adapted, and More

February 23, 2015

carbsBen Greenfield brings his expertise to Sports Nutrition and answers your questions and more on:

  • How to get rid of fat cells permanently (hint: step outside your comfort zone and be willing to get chilly)
  • New UCAN bars? Say what?!
  • Cortisol control! What foods, supplements and low-stress practices can help lower/maintain good cortisol during high volume training blocks?
  • Ben mentions the deep breathing app Pranayama.
  • How much do we really need to worry about mitigating free radical damage from endurance training? What steps can be taken to lower these risks? Does where we live matter (city vs. forrest)?
  • Is it a good idea to reload on carbs to some extent after a HIIT session if we are following a high fat low carb diet?
  • Fat-adapted? Now – how to stay that way while allowing more carbs into the diet, including 12-hour daily fasts.
  • And more!

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