Sports Nutrition: Fat-Adapted Recipes, Blood Testing’s Effect on Athletic Performance, Iceman’s WR, and More

January 27, 2015

chia-397076_1280Ben Greenfield joins us while in transit (aka at the airport – got to love the dedication!) to answer your questions on:

  • Can routine blood testing actually have a negative effect on performance? Ben shares his most recent experience in which he found this to be the case.
  • Is there a difference between black and white chia seeds, is one kind better? or just a gimmick?
  • Top recipes for pre- or post-working fueling (snacks or meals) for those trying to be fat adapted and/or maintain that state?
  • How to use UCAN for marathon (Boston) training for a generally fit, fat adapted runner.
  • Iceman wins 26th world record as he runs up Mount Kilimanjaro in just 31 hours and 26 minutes – Mirror Online

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