Sports Nutrition: Fuel for Youth Athletes, Low-Carb and HIIT

January 26, 2012

On this episode of Sports Nutrition, Ben Greenfield answers your questions on: tips for nutritional needs for child athletes, the Super Human Food Pyramid, appetite suppressants for athletes who struggle with intake, fatty foods during an ultra, the connection between glycogen stores and motivation for exercise, and  maintaining high-intensity training on a low-carb diet. Ask your sports nutrition questions on our Facebook page.

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  • Shana says:

    She's right, the food intake did seem low. So, I decided to count the calories since I get a kick out of it. Contrary to the thought that it totaled to around 2,200 calories, it was more around 1000 calories before the cocounut water. Maybe I should adjust my food intake so I can be as lean as Ben.

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