Sports Nutrition: Fueling Strategies for Fat Loss and Performance

August 17, 2012

Ben Greenfield joins to answer your questions on coconut water v. sport drinks for long ride, fasted v. non-fasted workouts for fat loss and improved running performance,  insight on Master Amino Pattern (MAP) supplement, deciding on a new supplement in your diet and more.

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  • Jason F says:

    Hello guys I had an additional question to the sports drink question form this podcast. What are your thoughts across the board on diluting sports drinks. Then in specific the SKRATCH labs mix from Allen Lim that claims to have a balanced amount of what we need for our rides. Are we messing up the "science" ala osmolarity, isotonicity etc but adding extra water or should we stick with the prescribed 16.9 ounces and carry a sperate bottle of just water to meet out 24oz-ish per hour drinking ad libum requirement? The reason Im asiking is im looking to get more calories in on the bike in the form of hydration but wanted to know if it made a difference. I guess a side question to this is drinking a sports drink of any kind mixed with water count the same as just plain water?

    Thanks for all you great work! It has really help me nerd out about endurance and help spread the word!

    Jason-Riverside CA

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