Sports Nutrition: Get Your Best Rest on Race Eve, The Low-Carb ‘Faster’ Study, Maximize Vitamin D Absorption, and More

February 27, 2014
Ben Greenfield joins the show to talk sports nutrition and more. We cover:
-Thoughts on elevation training masks
-Ben’s experience in the new low-carb athlete study (aka The Faster Study) with Dr. Jeff Volek and Steve Phinney; the testing protocol; Ben’s VO2max, threshold and fat-burning results (in detail!); implications of the study and more
-Is there anything that inhibits and/or helps Vitamin D absorption
-More on supplements, dosages, and combining certain supplements, and more
-Getting better rest the night before a race: What can you do to wind down & relax but still be up in time for the race?
-Ben’s resources on finding quality nutrition information
-Fat talk: MCT oil and fish oil
-What is the best type of sugar (or combination of sugars) to consume during an Ironman? Are some sugars easier to digest than others and what are the pros/cons of different types of sugars?
-And More!

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