Sports Nutrition: Healthy Pregnancy Tips, Safely Lose Weight While Still Training, Get Rid of Excess Skin Post-Weight Loss, Beta-Alanine and More

June 4, 2014

Ben Greenfield joins the show to discuss and answer your questions on:

-Top things recommended for a pregnant endurance athlete (triathlete) in regards to nutrition — macronutrients/micronutrients, supplements, other baby-friendly practices, resource recommendations, and even how to handle those cravings
-Extra skin after extreme weight loss: how to measure how much skin, how to get rid of it, and can it hurt performance in sport
-What is the difference between beta alanine and basic alanine? Necessary for a vegan endurance athlete?
-What’s the best way and safest way to lose weight/body fat whilst training for a half ironman? In particular for female athletes?
-and More!

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