Sports Nutrition: How Malotdextrin Affects Blood Sugar, Why You Should Add Oil of Oregano To Your Shelf, Ultrarunning and Pregnancy, Beet Juice Dosing, and More

January 12, 2014

Ben Greenfield joins to answer your questions on:

-Maltodextrin and the impact on your blood sugar, and using it in sports nutrition products vs. regular food
-Difference between regular flake oregano and oil of oregano, and why oil of oregano is good
-Thoughts on essential oils and how they can benefit endurance athletes

-Update on how beet juice works, how to incorporate into one’s training (i.e. timing), and other foods that have similar effects as beet juice
-Pregnancy, and h ow nutrition and supplement requirements change for a female ultrarunner wh’s pregnant. ¬†Plus¬†tips for what to eat to support a strong comeback after labor
… and more!This show is brought to you by MaccaX Plus.

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