Sports Nutrition: How Much Booze Before it’s Bad News, Potent Health Elixir Ingredients, Resveratrol, Pre-Workout Supplements to Avoid, and More

January 12, 2015

Red_wine_closeup_in_glassBen and Tawnee catch up and discuss the following nutrition and health topics:

  • Ingredients for an easy-to-make potent health elixir drink, done a couple ways
  • Booze! How much wine can you drink before It starts negatively effecting endurance training and workouts?
  • More resources on alcohol discussed in show:
    – Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof infographic on alcohol
    Ben’s 30-Day no alcohol experiment with a randomly selected subject, Jason.
  • Resveratrol – Any thoughts on supplementing with it? What are the benefits for general health and endurance athletes? Dosage, timing and source? Ben says: Dosing 150-500mg of resveratrol for significant effect
  • Liquid calories v food calories for racing endurance events
  • Any supplements that should be avoided prior to working out?

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