Sports Nutrition: Insulin and the Endurance Athlete, Carb Reloading, Monitoring Blood Glucose, and More

June 26, 2015
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Processed with MoldivBen Greenfield is back, and on today’s show we dive into the topic of insulin and its role in the body as well as how it plays a role specifically for endurance athletes.

-Defining insulin: what role does insulin play in the body; how and when insulin works,
-Insulin sensitivity,
-Insulin resistance,
-Athletes vs general population.

Why does insulin matter to athletes?

The good:
-Stimulates protein synthesis,
-Prevents breakdown,
-Muscle recovery.

The bad:
-High insulin = lowers ability yo burn fat,
-IR issues,
-Health problems,
-Sugar burner,
-Possible inability to lose weight/lose fat.

Diet/nutrition for athletes

-Exercise helps insulin sensitivity so is overdoing it on carbs and sugar really that bad if you’re exercising a ton?
-Insulin crucial for muscle recovery,
-The post-exercise window to take in food in regards to insulin,
-Other issues with too many sugars/carbs regardless of insulin (there ARE other health implications)
-Insulin and fat burning,
-How does carb backloading/reloading at night play a role in all this for athletes who want to control insulin but need to replenish at times of high activity?
-Timing of macronutrients for optimal results – higher fat during the day and higher carb at night.

Glucose monitoring:

-How does blood glucose levels correlate with insulin?
-Explain normal vs abnormal Glucose levels,
-Why and when we should test our glucose and how to interpret.

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