Sports Nutrition: Is Cryotherapy Worthwhile, Testosterone for Males, Recovery Supplements to Promote Healing, and More

November 2, 2015

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Ben Greenfield joins for a new sports nutrition to discuss:

Cold Therapy
– We address the recent and unfortunate cryotherapy chamber death. What’s up with these extreme cold chambers, and are there better/easier/safer ways to get the benefits of cold therapy?
– Why you DO want a little cold exposure in your life, but extremes aren’t necessary.
Ray Cronise talking cold thermogenesis and weight loss on EP!

Testosterone (T)
– Testosterone and its importance for endurance athletes and master’s male athletes.
– What are normal levels for males?
– What are normal levels for females?
– Free T vs. serum T
– would “low normal” T levels affect recovery from workouts and workout/race day performance?
– Safe, all-natural and totally legal supplements to bring up low T:
Zinc; magnesium; topical magnesium; fat soluble vitamins D, K, A; or “boosters” such as prolensis, tribulus,
bulbine; stinging nettle (root seed); mucuna.
– And what about liver tablets for adrenal support, which is correlated with good T levels?

– What can we do supplement-wise to promote better healing and recovery before and after a planned medical procedure and/or injury?
– Case study for female athlete getting a non-surgical procedure done on a vascular birthmark on the left heel that has begun ulcerating in the last 9 months and progressively worsened.
Resource/supplements listed out:
– proteolytic enzymes: bromolain, Wobenzyme, Recover Ease
– Aloe vera extract, microalgaes (spirunlina, chollera), Goto Cola
Vitamin C
– Colloidal silver 
– Topical treatment: phototherapy
– Who is Shawn Stevenson?
– Stem cell precursors

Beet juice
– Beet juice and fat-adaptation. What’s more important: the performance boost from ingesting beet juice pre-workout or pre-race, or staying super low carb/low sugar and avoiding beets/beet products to stay in fat-burning mode?
– Or does beet juice not compromise the fat burning system?
– Supplements like Red Ace Beet juice and Beet Performer, and their grams of sugar and carbs.

On low fat vs. low carb
– What did Ben take from his recent Denise Menger interview, in which she discussed her “In defense of low fat” article?
– Did ben change his thoughts on fat and carb intake?
– Are there benefits of high fat?
– Is sugar not as metabolically damaging as we once thought?
– What happens when sugar/carbs are consumed in absence in fats?
– Specific reason why low carb still has a strong case for being very healthy for most.

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