Sports Nutrition: ‘No-Stress Approach to Diet’, Which Macronutrients Before Bed Are Best, and More!

July 6, 2015
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Ben Greenfield joins the show to answer your questions and dive deep into some super helpful topics for athletes looking to get the most from food.

-Discussing post-race pizza “binges” and other acute food binges, whether after a hard race or on a holiday: are all those calories really that bad? Why and/or why not?

-Is conventional meat/produce really that bad?

-Psychological aspect to food and eating,

-Is being stressed/having anxiety over food choices/food sources the worst thing you can do to your health (even worse than eating conventional)?

-Why no-stress approach to food is the best bet,

-Tips on learning to slow down, enjoy, appreciate and get the most out of your food and meals


-Late-night snacks for athletes looking to build muscle or recover: What to eat based on your goals?!?!

-Some say protein to build lean muscle; some suggest satiating fat like nuts; what about carb-reloading? How does each work and how to choose what’s right for you?

-Tawnee and Ben share their before-bed “sweet treat” recipes

-Snacks and food that will prevent late-night hypoglycaemia

-and more!

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