Sports Nutrition: Our Take on ‘Feedzone Portables’, Test if You’re Fat-Adapted, What’s Oxaloacetate and Why You’d Want it, Bulletproof Tea, The Low Down on GMOs and Top Foods to Avoid, and More

November 9, 2013

On this episode we’re joined by Ben Greenfield to answer your questions on:

-Recipes in the “Feedzone Portables” cookbook for fat-adapted athletes and is it ok to fuel with these things

-Knowing if you’re fat-adapted, how to test, and choosing your fueling protocol appropriately

-Supplement talk: pros and cons of L-arginine, beta-alanine

-Other supplements we discuss: oxaloacetate and a supplements reference guide

-Thoughts on matcha tea versus coffee with coconut oil

-Fluoride issues, and why it’s bad

-Why avoid GMOs, and the worst offenders


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