Sports Nutrition Special: Ben Greenfield Chats with Star of ‘Cereal Killers’ Documentary

August 4, 2013
In lieu of the normal Sports Nutrition show, we are giving you a special show featuring Ben Greenfield in an interview with Donal O’Neill, the main subject of the documentary Cereal Killers, in which Donal is on a quest to hack his genes for healthier living.
Click here to download audio.
Check out a trailer to the movie, here.
Topics addressed during show:
-What inspired the movie cereal killers?
-Do you think the information in the movie is relevant to people burning a lot of sugar or maintaining better “insulin sensitivity”, like athletes and exercising people?
-How is it (biologically) that cereal consumption would be an issue for an exercising person?
-Can you give some examples of healthy cereals that aren’t really healthy?
-Do you have any homemade cereal recipes or any “good” cereals that are actually OK to eat?
During the interview with Donal, we reference the website:

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