Sports Nutrition Special: Dr. Tamsin Lewis on Having Carbs and Burn Fat Too, Fueling for Females, Hormone Issues, Supplements and More

April 14, 2014

Dr. Tamsin Lewis, profession triathlete and sports medicine doctor, joins the show for a special edition of Sports Nutrition. Topics covered in this show include:

-Her background and overcoming an eating disorder to become a strong pro triathlete

-Fueling and hormonal issues for female endurance athletes

-Disordered eating in endurance sports that can have negative effects on health

-CARBS: How many carbs should endurance athletes have, what kind of carbs, when to eat carbs, the low-carb debate, etc.

-How to still develop fat-burning ability through training but still have carbs at the right time when they are needed for key sessions

-Women and how they handle carbs and fat oxidation

-Thyroid talk, and the importance of T3, and foods for healthy thyroid function

-B vitamin needs

-Blood work and common deficiencies, supplements

-Problems with birth control pill and oral contraceptives

-Blood work analysis through CuroSeven (you can hire Tamsin for a consult).

-Charcoal for upset stomach during a race

-and more!


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