Sports Nutrition Special: Former Pro Triathlete Vinnie Santana on How to Eat, Train and Race for Optimal Health from A Diabetic’s Point of View

June 27, 2013
We are joined by triathlon coach and nutrition expert Vinnie Santana, a former professional triathlete who lives with diabetes. He left the professional ranks to improve his health and quality of life, but not after winning Ironman events and much more. On this show we will dive into the topic of nutrition and in particular, a low-carb diet and how this method is important in controlling blood sugar and achieving optimal health. Vinnie gives us insight on how the body reacts to training and racing based on his experience with diabetes and measuring blood sugar. He’ll share insight on building nutrition plans and train/racing strategies that allow for health and the ability to train and race. Vinnie’s a wealth of knowledge and we’ll get into some nitty-gritty nutrition protocols; if you’re interested in the low-carb approach don’t miss this show!
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