Sports Nutrition Special: Matt Fitzgerald Answers Your Questions, Talks About His New Nutrition Books and More

November 30, 2013

Our regular co-host Ben Greenfield is currently traveling and in his absence we’ve invited sports nutritionist, Matt Fitzgerald, to provide answers to your questions and much more. Fitzgerald is a well-known writer, athlete and trainer, and is an expert on endurance sports, physiology, training, nutrition, and more. On this show we start off by talking about a couple new nutrition books he’s working on including a cookbook that’s a follow up to his book “Racing Weight,” as well as a new project titled ¬†“Diet Cults” that takes a look at popular diets and the fallacies involved.

Then, we have Fitzgerald answer your sports nutrition questions including how to make unsweetened BCAA powder taste better and using that as an alternative to pills; how to interpret blood test values that are “low normal” specifically¬†vitamin D, red blood cell count, hemoglobin, and iron; how to eat throughout the day and fuel properly for workouts without having too much or too little; if you don’t like eggs what to have instead;¬†is it worth cutting down on non-starchy vegetables like broccoli, kale, cauliflower, carrots to get into a state of ketosis; association between celiac disease and dairy intolerance; non-dairy recovery drinks; inability to take down food/calories during an Ironman and how to remedy that issue; and much more along the way.

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  • Brian S. says:

    Wow…this was a “breath of fresh air” nutritional advice! I am on a plant-based diet, but I also truly believe that there is not one specific diet for everyone. Although I feel great, I am constantly monitoring my body and would also be open to changing things up if things stop working as well. Matt gives a fresh new perspective on nutrition here and the idea that we don’t need to be taking a boatload of supplements is so nice to hear finally. I would love to see Matt back on the show again as a regular. Some of the other advice lately has gotten so far-fetched that I cannot listen to it anymore. I was hoping Matt would get a question like “how much butter should I be adding to my coffee?” LOL!

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