Sports Nutrition: Timing of Macronutrients For Optimal Performance and Adaptations, Plus How to Add Lean Muscle Mass

March 23, 2015

time-371226_1280We are joined by Ben Greenfield to answer your questions on:

Adding Muscle:

  • How to build muscle from weight training while doing endurance sports?
  • What’s the endurance mileage limit if you are trying to gain muscle mass?
  • What supplements/ whole foods are recommended to gain muscle mass?
  • Mention of Master Amino Acid Pattern.

Timing of macronutrients for optimal performance and fat adaptation purposes:

  • What to eat PRE vs. POST workout
  • You can still have carbs, just time appropriately
  • If you eat fat, do you burn more fat?
  • How does the workout type or intensity of the day matter?
  • Eating on off days – scale back of replenish? High carb, moderate carb or low carb?
  • How to fuel leading up to a big race
  • How to fuel if you’re not yet optimally fat adapted?

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