Sports Nutrition: Top Diet and Nutrition Trends of 2014 and What’s Next for 2015; Plus: Fueling for Obstacle Races

December 22, 2014
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ben_greenfield_spartan_raceBen Greenfield joins us for the last Sports Nutrition podcast of 2014, and fittingly we discuss the top trends in nutrition, diet and health over the past year; how this applies to athletes; and what’s ahead in 2015 and beyond? Oh ya, and we also talk about how Ben fuels for obstacle Spartan racing and how that’s different than what he’s done in the past!

Top Three Diet Trends of 2014:

1) Not just high fat, but quality fat!

  • In recent years we learned high fat is good and not to fear fat, but this year we focused on drilling in the point that our fat needs to come from quality sources and to avoid “bad” fat i.e. that from conventional meat and dairy, etc.
  • reference to the book: The Big Fat Surprise

2) Beyond gluten free!

  • your symptoms may not just be a result of gluten. There are other things in the environment, our food and more that can wreak havoc within. Don’t just blame the gluten!
  • plus indulge on the foods that heal: fermented foods, bone broth, raw milk, etc.

3) The Microbiome – Pay Attention

What to Except in 2015:

1) Protein outside the box: insects and beyond!

  • with food shortages, expect to see protein form other sources like insects!

2) Growing your own food

  • get back to the basics, know the source/origin of your food, and dig in the dirt!

3) Hunting

  • get in touch with nature.
  • if you have the means, gather and hunt for your own food. Or, if you’re a city-dweller then find the most local, natural forms of meat possible!

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