Sports Nutrition: Training the Gut for Racing, How To Cut Weight While Training, Antioxidant Usage in Foods vs. Supplements, Fueling for Bike Commuting, Thyroidectomy Issues, and More

April 6, 2014

Ben Greenfield joins to answer your questions on:
-Soda stream recipes, and adding Mg powder to carbonated water
-Should we avoid over using antioxidants during training (when stress/adaptation are critical) but continue to use, or even increase the use of antioxidants during races.
-Antioxidants in supplements vs. foods and what we need, what to avoid
-Fueling for bike commuting to work
-How many times do you need to train your gut with the right nutrition for a race
-Protein in supplements vs. real food and potential metabolic issues
-Iodine supplementing
-Triathlete with a thyroidectomy -what supplements or nutritional recommendations do you have for training, racing, health, and beyond?
-How to safely and effectively cut weight while training, and using fasted sessions and cold exposure to achieve goals

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