Sports Nutrition: Vegan Supplementing To Avoid Common Deficiencies, Kombucha Guidelines, Easy and Healthy Travel Food, Plus: Standing Work Stations and Inversion Tables

March 23, 2014

Ben Greenfield joins to answer your questions on:

-Healthy and easy meals and snacks on-the-go when traveling with kids or at places like amusement parks
-Pros and cons of a standing working station for athletes
-MCT powder vs. the oil
-Fixing deficiencies in a vegan diet including low iron, as well as other supplements to consider for a vegan diet
-benefits of kombucha? Better to brew it at home or buy it from a store?
-Thoughts on resistant starch for a low carber in regards to gut biome, sleep quality, etc. specifically up modified potato starch?

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  • Ian B. says:

    Also regarding green powder. Check out a brand called Amazing Grass. Organic, no fillers, pretty good price. Can get it on Amazon too!

    And make your own deodorant! Coconut oil, arrowroot powder, baking soda, essential oils!

  • Angela Neale says:

    I love Primal Pit Paste, too! I’ve made my own deodorant for over two years of just CO and baking soda, but the PPP is just too easy and I love the different fragrances. Great company too!

  • Ellie says:

    After listening to this, it gives me hope for when having children that they wont beg me for crappy food if I teach them the correct way to eat. That so awesome!

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