Sports Nutrition with Ben Greenfield

February 9, 2011

You asked us a lot of great questions, and Ben Greenfield has the answers. On this week’s episode, Ben talks more about vegetarianism, chia seeds, his top smoothie ingredients, fueling for the long run, fad diets and more.

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  • Francoise H. says:

    Why was Brendan Brazier not discussed in this discussion? He seems to have found a way.

  • Ken Blake says:

    Can you get Scott Jurek and or Dave Scott on the show to get their take on veganism? Jurek has said in numerous interviews that his recovery and overall health is better as a vegan. For those who don't know he's won the Western States 100 mi. endurance run 7 times. I personally have been vegetarian for 38 years (and vegan for the last 2.) I have found in my own endurance training the same result especially since going vegan. I think it is worth while to get the protein and B-12 dailed in (and there are vegan sources if you look for them.) There are many reasons to go vegan on the environmental side of things too. Watch the documentary "Earthlings" and then decide if you want to continue consuming animal products.

    • Ken….did you listen to the interview I did with Brendan Brazier? Also, we had Rich Roll and Brendan Brazier as guests at to talk about this as well. I agree with you that if you do it right, it's better for the environment, and possibly for health too. The problem is that so few people "do it right"….I'll have to check out Earthlings…I haven't seen it…

      • Sara says:

        Hi Ben. This reminds me of Jeff Galloway warning against stretching because people who do it wrong hurt themselves. That kind of logic just doesn't make sense to me. For our health and performance, isn't the quality of diet more important than the categeory? And that's not even getting into all the other impacts of our our food choices.

        • The only issue here is that there is more than one way to skin a cat. You can be 100% healthy on a non-vegan/vegetarian diet, or healthy on a properly administered vegan/vegetarian diet. But it's easier to make omission mistakes on the latter.

      • Ken Blake says:

        If you email your address, I'll send you my copy of "Earthlings" on DVD.
        Perhaps you can pass it on to Tawnee after you are done with it.

        Ken Blake

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  • Ken Blake says:

    Ben….vegan's don't skin cats.

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