Sports Nutrition with Ben Greenfield: Avoid Offseason Weight Gain, Why ‘Grazing’ Is a Bad Idea, and More

November 24, 2014

Today Tawnee is joined by Ben Greenfield to answer your sports nutrition questions… including:

  • Can carb intake with high fat raise cholesterol? What about the idea that carbs should be consumed with fat to slow the glucose spike and improve satiety.
  • Why are so many triathletes overweight? Especially compared to those who do heavier strength training programs. Is this hormone balance? Is it all the cortisol and the driven down testosterone? Are heavy weights better than endurance training for body composition? What about pro triathletes?
  • Mention of Tawnee’s blog:
  • Mention of Ben’s ideas on concurrent training (workout included) and training for obstacle races with 5X5s, etc.
  • If you don’t follow a strict low carb diet and are training (running) about 80-90 miles a week what is recommended percentage of carbs be on high intensity vs low intensity days?
    30-40% CHO active day
    20-30% CHO less active day
  • What about a few tips for athletes to avoid weight gain this holiday offseason?
  • Mention of Eric Goodman Core DVDs
  • Bonk help: “I just ran a marathon this past Sunday and I was shocked by mile 15 I was really hungry. I mostly eat a high/good fat diet. I was taking gel every 40-45 mins and then at mile 15 i decided to take them every 30 mins to keep from feeling hungry for the rest of the race and then I noticed my pace started to decrease around mile 17 and on. I was able to keep going for the remaining miles but a much slower pace. was this the typical nutrition bonk and there was no way to really recover from that hungry feeling at mile 15?”

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