Sports Nutrition with Ben Greenfield: Digestive Enzymes, Gas and Bloating From Frankenfuels, and More

November 3, 2014

IMG_0231Our buddy Ben Greenfield is back for an informative and educating journey through digestive enzymes, metabolism, frakenfoods and a brief recap of how his race went in Kona this year… on zero Ironman training. We also talk about:

  • The lowdown on Serrapeptase for recovery as an athlete; blog resource.
  • The benefits of digestive enzymes;
    -What you want:
    — lipase
    — lactase
    — papain
    — beware: hydrochloric acid (in limited amounts – with food)
    -Brands mentioned:
    — Millenium sports
    — ThorneFX
  • How one’s metabolism effects the speed at which s/he absorbs and utilizes supplements, nutrition, and hydration in racing and how to train this process for best results,
  • Frankenfuels and FODMAPs in sports nutrition that can gut havoc
  • The blog post over at ThorneFX
  • Ben’s “Kona recap” on his race and how his nutrition went including using Natural Force’s Iskiate Endurance and recovery fuel

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