Sports Nutrition with Ben Greenfield: Does Coffee Block Vitamin Absorption, Licorice Root for Adrenals, What’s PQQ… and Can It Benefit Athletes? And More!

September 21, 2014

Sunburn-300x225Once again, our old buddy Ben Greenfield joins us for an informative and entertaining journey through sun burns, acid reflux, supplements, ketosis, amino acids, coffee, licorice and more!

During the show, we answer your questions about:

Astaxanthin 10mg for skin protection

Natural Calm consists of Mg citrate using citric acid, can this have a potential adverse affect for anyone with (GERD) — in particular the citric acid?

What is the supplement PQQ, and can it have a benefit for athletes. Is the price tag worth it? Or is it over-rated? Check out this article.

Fueling during training when following the ketogenic diet, and:

  • is it safe to have a 4-hour fasted bike ride, or would eating a high fat snack during the ride be ok (ie coconut butter with mixed nuts and cacao snack)
  • is it OK to have more carbs during/after long workouts vs non-training days?

Master Amino Acid Pattern (MAP) (MAP) vs. ThorneFX’s amino acid product.

  • what are the differences and can both be of benefit? Is one superior?

Does coffee (regular and/or decaf)

  • does it effect absorption of certain supplements including Omega 3 fatty acids, minerals, iron, multivitamins, and magnesium.
  • which supplements you need to specifically keep separate from coffee?

Benefits of licorice root for those with adrenal fatigue. And what else does LR benefit?

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