Sports Nutrition with Dr. Tamsin Lewis: Weight Loss While Training (and What’s Hindering Your Goals), For Best Results: Time Your Antioxidant Intake, Yay or Nay for Electrolytes During Endurance Events, and Much More

September 7, 2014

tamsinDr. Tamsin Lewis of (or @sportiedoc on Twitter) joins for another in-depth episode of Sports Nutrition! The newly crowned Ironman champion fills us in on her win at IMUK and much more…


Did Tamsin in fact use the nutrition protocol mentioned on this show (recorded just days before her win).

Tamsin’s choice for gels while racing: A high fat lower carb (12g) energy gel with coconut oil by the Swiss brand, Winforce; and Tamsin’s choice:

L-Carnitine for fat-adapted athletes and how it can benefit energy production

More on antioxidants and their effects on athletes – are they beneficial or detrimental? And how to dose with Vitamin C for athletes for max gains.

Mention of this recent study: Antioxidant supplementation during exercise training: beneficial or detrimental?

Electrolytes – do you need them in long endurance events? And why it depends.

Adaptation to heat and humidity – how long does it take, how you can achieve this even without being in heat, and more.

Achieving weight loss while training to get to your ideal race weight (using examples of a runner and triathlete)

How hormonal issues and stress can hinder weight loss goals even if you’re burning tons of calories with training

Weight loss for females vs. males

De-stress with

Good foods to eat pre-workout and post-workout

and more!

Comments (2)

  • Derek says:

    Does anybody else find it odd that she takes codeine during the event?

    • Tawnee_Prazak says:

      Hey Derek, here's her take on that: Codeine is a strong painkiller and it slows down gut motility… However, I stated clearly that i only use a tiny amount as it can cause drowsiness in some. It is not a prohibited substance.


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