Tamsin Lewis: Pregnancy Update, Plus: How To Resume Endurance Racing After A Hormonal Setback

February 16, 2015

FullSizeRenderDr. Tamsin Lewis is back on the podcast and opens up on a recent scare she had with her pregnancy plus we also dive into a case study on making a comeback to racing after adrenal fatigue.

Part 1)
Tamsin shares her experience on the following (in her words): “At 27 weeks of pregnancy my waters broke which as many of you will assume means going into labour is imminent. We were admitted to hospital and kept under close observation for 10 days and treated for a presumed infection (which they never found). I have a heart shaped womb so was always going to be at risk of premature labour.

Thankfully Baby girl is still staying put and everything is currently stable at nearly 29weeks now. With waters gone I’m at ongoing risk of infection and early labour so we taking each day as it comes. There is no associated between exercise and waters breaking early so my fleeting guilt that perhaps I may have done too much has passed. I certainly was being cautious with little intensity. It makes one exquisitely sensitive as caring for a small vulnerable being & you just want the best for her. Life has certainly changed from this time last year climbing mountains in Lanzarote relatively carefree to working full time again and building a little one – But we adapt & learn and accept that challenges just take a different, perhaps more responsible form.”

Part 2)
Then we then dig into a case study of a 37-year-old female endurance athlete who suffered some health problems and adrenal fatigue, and is on track to getting healthy again after working closely with Dr. Dan Kalish. She wants to resume training for trails runs and half-Ironmans and not have a setback. She provided us with her saliva hormone test results, and more information on her health and progress. With this, we’re going to have Tamsin give her two cents on the case.

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