Tawnee Returns: Lessons in Healing, Mindfulness and Personal Growth

October 5, 2018


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While re-introducing our much-missed show host,  Brock and Tawnee discussed…

  • The idea of “post traumatic stress change”: how trauma isn’t a “disorder,” but can actually be turned into something positive.
  • Studies suggest that walking, moderate aerobic exercise, and simply connecting with nature all correlate with better mental health. These results are not conclusive, but certainly promising (and make intuitive sense).
  • Tawnee and her husband John’s decision to embark on Van Life. Follow their journey on Instagram here.

Tawnee’s List of “Waking Up”

Strategies for moving through difficult times…

  • Letting go of trivial stuff
    • “There will come a day when you’ll be sick, or someone close to you will die, and you will look back on all the trivial things that captured your attention and you’ll think, ‘What was I doing?’ You know this day is coming. Why not act on that knowledge now?” – Sam Harris
  • Diving deep into a mindfulness meditation practice
    • Tawnee talks about attending a weeklong meditation retreat in Colorado and the massive benefits and healing it provided. If you’re thinking of doing one, find a way to make it happen. Stop making excuses.
    • The retreat was at the Shambahala Mountain Center in Red Feather Lakes, CO. Shambhala is a branch of Buddhism.
  • Learning to let go of “always wishing for another now.”
    • Be present. It’s all we have. Get comfortable with what is. This one can be hard. How many of us have been here, wishing for things to be different than what they are, or wishing for time to speed up because, “It’ll be better when xyz happens?” No matter the circumstance, it’s in our best interest to accept our reality, and that will lead us into more peace and balance.
  • Focusing on self-love and self-care on another level than any time before in my life.
    • Invest in yourself, and if something is going on don’t try to bottle it up and “be tough.” Take time off or away to just be. True self-care is still something so many of us neglect. We’re too worried about so many other things other than our own wellbeing. But our own wellbeing is always the No. 1 priority.
  • Understanding that “fixation is the root of suffering.”
    • Obsessive thoughts, attachment, fixations—when we get stuck here it’s simple: we suffer.

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