The Doctor Takes Your Questions

April 29, 2010

Every couple of weeks on Endurance Planet, Dr. Mark Klion takes questions from endurance athletes about their aches and pains. Klion is an endurance athlete himself, an orthopedic surgeon, and creator of the Bodyworks MD DVD Series. This time around he addresses questions about barefoot running, end-of-marathon cramping, plantar fasciitis, and micro-fracture surgery.

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  • Sandra says:

    Barefoot running is completely out of the question. I have a deformed foot (missing the top half of my big toe, and the big toe starts about an inch and a half lower than normal. I have been told by several Dr’s that because of the deformity, the nerve below my middle to has “dropped” down and is at the bottom of my foot. I can no longer walk barefoot, or in dress shoes (I’m a female). It has not affected my running thus far (I have run 9 marathons in the past 12 months) Any suggestions?

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