The Endurance Planet Hour—12-29-2009

December 29, 2009

Marshall Ulrich during his run across America. (Courtesy of Marshall Ulrich.)This week on The Endurance Planet Hour we hear from the “Endurance King” Marshall Ulrich. who gives us his Ten Commandments of Endurance. Among his many accomplishments, Marshall ran across the United States in 52 days…that’s the equivalent of 117 marathons. We also hear from Runner’s World executive editor Mark Remy about his new book, “The Runner’s Rule Book.” And we round-out the show by discussing the controversial comment of health advocate and cross-country coach Adrienne Wold who recently said, “It’s a joke to run a marathon by walking every other mile or by finishing in six, seven, eight hours. It used to be that running a marathon was worth something–there used to be a pride saying that you ran a marathon, but not anymore. Now it’s, ‘How low is the bar?'”

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