The Endurance Planet Hour

May 25, 2010

Mike Siltman\’s post-race visit to Ben \’n Jerry\’s

This week on The Endurance Planet Hour, we’ll look at the aftermath of extreme challenges. We’ll talk with Jim Parry—Mr. Parry—who completed a 24-hour run to demonstrate to his elementary school students in Stewartville, Minnesota the concept of perseverance. We’ll talk with Mike Siltman of Illinois who pushed through a 200-mile footrace even when a dinosaur blocked his path. (You’ve got to hear this one.) And Dr. Mark Klion of Bodyworks MD takes your questions about aches and pains associated with endurance sports. Finally, we’ll ask the question, “Is it all worth it?”

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  • RYAN DEXTER says:

    What Mike Siltman did was nothing short of AMAZING! To go at this race alone and to be so mentally tough to continue when everything in his body and mind must have been saying STOP is really beyond words. One thing your listeners may not know. Mike Siltman DROVE his car alone from IL to VT – ran this 200 MILE RACE – got in his car and drove his car alone back to IL. Is this guy like the terminator or what? Good luck at Leadville. I have no doubt you will finish.

  • Mike Siltman says:

    Ryan, thanks so much for the great words and especially about wishing me good luck at Leadville (that thing is the biggest monkey on my back). To clear things up a little about the driving, I drove with a group from Normal IL to the race (but did really get no sleep, you know that is trying to sleep in the car) arrived in town 3 hours before the run. When I got done they did all the driving, I was a definate basket case after that. I remember not being able to sleep cause I ached so bad so I took some IBU and fell asleep in upstate New York and did not wake up until Gary Indiana.
    I really hope to see you there again next year Ryan!!!!

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