The Endurance Planet Hour—2-2-2010

February 2, 2010
Tara Livesay

Tara Livesay running in Haiti

This week on the Endurance Planet Hour we hear from three extraordinary individuals.  Duncan Callahan is an elite ultra runner from Gunnison, Colorado who has notched some impressive wins—including Leadville–in his young career.  Tara Livesay is a long-distance runner and mission worker in Port Au Prince, Haiti who is continuing to run in a region of the world that has been utterly devastated.  And Olympic triathlete Matty “Boom Boom” Reed is offering age-groupers the opportunity to race on his relay team in an event which will raise funds for a worthy cause.

In this, our inaugural week as an all-public/all-free service, we encourage you to visit our sponsors:  The Waddell and Reed Kansas City Marathon, H2O Overdrive hydration, The Kansas City Trail Nerds, and Bodyworks MD.

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