The Endurance Planet Hour

August 10, 2010

This week we talk about about the most famous cyclist in the world — Lance Armstrong. We also hear from 24-year-old Abe Clark who ran unassisted across the United States. SEO Denver . And we hear a story about an elite runner who started out with all the promise in the world, got distracted by the challenges of life, and tried to re-enter competitive running when some would have argued his best days were past.

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  • Dave says:

    I just listened to your report regarding Lance Armstrong. I think you missed the fact that he has a higher then avg. lactate threshold that allows him to take the pain of the races easier then other racers. This isnt doping just a genetic factor that he was born with. Dont forget that as a kid he competed in and won triathlons and you cant say he doped then! I beleive these former racers that have testified did so under the threat that if they didnt say what the prosecuter said they would be prosecuted….Its a witch hunt by the press and prosecuter and in some parts you.

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