The Endurance Planet Hour

September 7, 2010

Hillary Biscay -- happy to be doing what she loves.

There isn’t a female triathlete on the planet who races long distance more often than Hillary Biscay. And it’s not just that she races often — she races effectively. This coming weekend she’ll be shooting for another Ironman Wisconsin championship (It’ll be her seventh Ironman of the year.) On this week’s Endurance Planet Hour, Hillary shares her war stories (broken femur anyone?), she tells us how she’s become a fan of ultra marathoners, and she shares her plan for a new adventure. Today’s Endurance Planet is brought to you by the Nevada Silverman Triathlon and by Sock Geek.


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  • […] Enough girlie talk . . . I also wanted to share an interview that I did just two days ago with one of my fave podcasts, Endurance Planet. This is the show I always go to to hear the superstar ultrarunners with whom I am so intrigued. Anyways, Kevin heard I might have a little ultra-themed off-season adventure planned (more on this soon–one race at a time!), so we had a little chat. You can listen here. […]

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