The Endurance Planet Hour

March 30, 2010

Gordy—still running (Photo by Keith Facchino)

If you’re a trailrunner or ultrarunner you know that Gordy Ainsleigh is a legend. Back in 1974—as the story goes—Ainsleigh’s horse came up lame prior to the 100-mile Western States trail ride. So Gordy did it on foot. Now the Western States 100 is the premier ultra trail-run and draws some of the best athletes in the world. Gordy joins us for the first half of the Endurance Planet Hour. Later in the hour we hear from Scott Drum—the man behind the Gunnison Endurance Project—a post-collegiate ultrarunning team at Western State College of Colorado. Drum talks about the project, the benefits that come from living an active life, and he talks about a webinar he’ll be hosting on Endurance Planet next week on how to race at high altitude even you live low. The webinar is sponsored by our friends at AltoLab Portable Altitude Simulator.

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