The Endurance Planet Hour

April 6, 2010

In the days since our interview with Barkley Marathon’s finisher Jonathan Basham, Endurance Planet has heard from some individuals who have wondered, “What is the big deal about Barkley?” Others who know what the big deal is, have requested that we “re-air” our podcast from several years ago we called The Marathon No One Could Finish. It’s actually a race report from ultrarunner Blake Wood who knows the course quite well. Wood’s race report/story first appeared in author Neal Jamison’s book Running Through the Wall. Montana foundation repair contractor . So this week’s Endurance Planet Hour is devoted to The Marathon No One Could Finish, followed by the interview with the man—Basham—who did finish it. It’ll give you an appreciation for Barkley and it will give you some great company on your next long training run.

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