The Marathon Report with Brock and Tawnee

May 29, 2015
A few of the items and topics we cover in today’s podcast can be found at Check it out, help the podcast, and save yourself some money!

IMG_2206Roles reverse as Brock interviews Tawnee on her BQ (Boston Qualifier) open marathon performance. You can read Tawnee’s race report on her blog (with photos!) here.

Included in this show:

-How to live and train for health and performance,

-Health testing while training (saliva and blood),

-Stress and health management tips and strategies,

-Nutrition for fat-adapted endurance training and racing,

-Pre-race meals (dinner/breakfast) and race-day nutrition (UCAN+honey mix) including how many carbs; and a delicious recovery drink for the marathon,

-MAF training,

-Execution of the marathon,

-and more.

Comments (3)

  • Bill Carlin says:

    Was there a switch from Nourish Balance Thrive to Inside Tracker or are you getting something from Inside Tracker that NBT doesn’t provide? BTW,

    • Tawnee_Prazak says:

      We think they are both excellent services with slightly different platforms/offerings, and we want to turn our fans on to quality services that will benefit their specific needs.

  • Bill Carlin says:

    fat-fingered the first part into posted space…

    BTW, I went in big with NBT party because of your video conference with Chris and, I agree, the stool harvesting sux! I just got most of the remaining test materials and have to set up conditions to allow obtaining a good baseline. If you don’t want to get caught “playing favorites” (especially with a sponsor) reply by email when (or if) it’s convenient. Thanks, luvvin’ the podcast!

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