The Road to Western States 2010: Dr. Marty Hoffman

March 31, 2010

Runner and researcher Dr. Marty Hoffman

The Western States Endurance Run is one of the oldest ultra trail events in the world and certainly one of the most challenging. But the 100-miler scheduled for June 26th is also, essentially, a research lab. Dr. Marty Hoffman is the medical director for Western States. He’s a multiple-time finisher who has completed studies on endurance sports and its effects on the human body. Today on Endurance Planet, Marty tackles questions such as: “Aren’t you doing permanent damage to your body running 100 miles?”

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Comments (2)

  • Trailtrekker says:

    Thanks for the podcast. Good insight and food for thought. I'm glad I consider myself one of those crazy ultra runners and not a couch potato!!

  • Trish says:

    Dr. Marty Hoffman is a good friend of mine as well as an amazing doctor and athlete!!! I just want to thank him for all that he gives back to the sport!! I know the runners really appreciate his efforts in the research dept. Thanks Marty!!

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