Sock Doc 1: Allergies, Asthma, Digestion, Shoes and How to Feel Invincible

December 16, 2015

Dr. Steve Gangemi, aka The Sock Doc, joins Endurance Planet for the first time, providing extremely valuable insight and expertise for endurance athletes. Steve operates his holistic alternative health practice out of Chapel Hill, NC.

Who is Steve, The Sock Doc?

  • Where did the name “The Sock Doc” come from?
  • Steve’s journey to minimalist and barefoot running… and barefoot living
  • Shoe talk and why big brands and going less minimalist these day
  • A little love for Skora’s minimalist shoes
  • Adopting an “all natural” healthy lifestyle and functional health practice, and a philosophy toward health, fitness and training that was influenced by Dr. Phil Maffetone
  • Steve’s explains MovNat, his involvement and why it’s a valuable certification

Allergies, Asthma and Athletes

  • Why are so many athletes and folks in general getting allergies?
  • How can we take all-natural steps to improve health and end allergy woes?
  • The role of the adrenals
  • Does what we did as kids and in our youth matter still if we’ve taken steps to be healthy? (i.e. antibiotics, poor diet, etc–before we knew any better!)
  • C-sections vs. vaginal births
  • Kids and allergies: What women can do to ensure the build a healthy baby in the womb
  • What’s the deal with asthma, and why so many athletes
  • The step-by-step process to naturally healing asthma a la Steve
  • Athletes using prescription drugs and inhalers
  • More info from the Sock Doc on allergies 

Digestion and Bacterial Overgrowth

  • Poor digestion and risk for bacterial overgrowth in athletes who are using sugar/carb-based fuels and have a traditional western diet
  • All that gas, bloating and gurggling stomach – could it be an overgrowth problem?
  • Why we need and want hydrochloric acid HCl in our stomachs for optimal digestion
  • The digestion process and the relationship with stress
  • The role of carbs: too many leads to problems, but can too little be risky as well?
  • The association between diet and sports nutrition fuels with gas and bloating
  • How to test, determine if you have an overgrowth and fix your gut!

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