Sock Doc 2: Ditch the Orthotics and Fix Your Body, Plus: Finding Flexibility Without Static Stretching

February 10, 2016


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We have The Sock Doc, Dr. Steve Gangemi, back on the show to give it to you straight:

Part 1: Orthotics

  • Why The Sock Doc says orthotics are unnecessary
  • Fix your feet & body, don’t add artificial support
  • Orthotics are just a band-aid for underlying issues
  • Sure, orthotics can improve joint mechanics and nervous system function, but more so they are doing more harm than good
  • They mess with mechanoreceptors, sensory receptors that respond to mechanical stimuli, such as pressure and pain
  • Orthotics are actually controlling undesirable motion–they stabilize but they don’t correct underlying problems
  • Is an orthotic EVER ok? We talk about situations where an orthotic may be acceptable
  • How The Sock Doc successfully weans people off orthotics
  • The role of the posterior tibialis muscle health in your success (the pronation muscle)
  • The role of the soleus (calf muscle)
  • The role of upper body mechanics, shoulder health, posture, etc, on what your feet are doing and your run stride biomechanics–there is an important relationship to consider and we need to build the foundation properly without orthotics
  • The role of muscle energy, and muscle fatigue
  • Adrenal glands, adrenal health and your feet
  • Nutrients and their relationship to different quadrants in the body: Can you burn out electrolytes (nutrient deficiency) and develop an injury in a related area of the body?
  • The nutrient and body part relationships:
  • Left posterior and magnesium
  • Right posterior and potassium
  • Left anterior and sodium
  • Right anterior and calcium

Part 2: Flexibility

  • Why do people stretch?
  • What is stretching and what is it supposed to achieve?
  • Flexibility is not just a joint to bend through its full range of motion, it’s the reflection of your nervous system
  • The impact of stress and tension on your flexibility
  • If you are under significant physical, emotional or nutritional stress, then your nervous system will respond by tightening certain muscles.
  • Stretching what is tight or thought to be tight, is often treating the symptom rather than the cause
  • “But if you’re drinking coffee, eating sugary snacks, not breathing, and hate your job – you’ll never stretch your way out of it.”
  • The worse our breathing becomes, the tighter our psoas and other muscles become.
  • You shouldn’t ever feel the need to stretch post workout, and if you do that’s a sign you maybe worked out too hard/too intensely

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  • CoolinOlympia says:

    Wow! Half way through and I am BLOWN AWAY with this information!!!! I would LOVE to have this guy work on me to fix my foot issues from running!!!! WOW! Such great information! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!

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