Sock Doc 4: Healing An Unstable Shoulder, Is Plantar Fasciitis a Symptom of Overtraining? Plus: Risks of Repeated Cortisone Injections, Aspirin, Low B12 and More

March 22, 2017


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On this episode with The Sock Doc:

  • Healing an unstable shoulder joint after years of sports; treatments and recovery for athletes.
  • Shoulder issues involve the labrum, bursitis and tendonitis.
  • Options for shoulder healing including PRP, prolotherapy and cortisone.
  • Male Ironman master’s athlete wants to know how to clean up his diet, where to start without going too crazy, and introducing new healthy habits.
  • Are there “go to” supplements that every endurance athlete should take?
  • When looking to add supplements, should one get a blood test first to find out the current state of health as well as a hormone panel?
  • “You can never supplement your way out of a bad diet.”
  • Why would one take a daily baby Aspirin; is it a good idea for athletes?
  • Aspirin risks: It can knock out sulfur and those taking it will also have higher magnesium requirements when taking a daily Aspirin.
  • Athlete with a history of cancer and pernicious anemia who’s now running using the MAF Method but experiencing some issues.
  • An issue like pernicious anemia could interfere with training/MAF; we discuss why.
    • A B12 deficiency and/or anemia can impair MAF development.
    • What’s the deal with high MCV.
  • MAF training and being so slow, continually. Should one add in intensity and VO2max workouts or strength training with the intent to boost MAF?
  • VO2max vs. lactate threshold (LT) as valuable metrics.
  • VO2max may not matter as far as overall performance capabilities go (LT likely matters more) but we discuss why it’s still good to touch base with VO2max in training especially for master’s athletes, as discussed by Joe Friel in Fast over 50.
  • Cortisone for plantar fasciitis (PF).
  • The Sock Doc says, never everrrr get four cortisone injections in the same spot!
  • The real deal and real cause of PF in most cases.
  • PF is almost always tied into overtraining and related to adrenal burnout as well.
  • Check out more of the Sock Doc’s resources on PF.

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