Tina Muir: Fueling an Elite Runner to a 2:37 Marathon and Better Health by Adding More Fat and Cutting the Junk

June 17, 2016


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Our guest Tina Muir is an elite runner, community manager and podcast host at Runners Connect, and from the UK but currently residing in Kentucky with her husband, who’s also a running coach. On this show we hear about Tina’s diet transformation going from a high-carb, sugar-addicted athlete suffering some negative side effects to making big diet changes to support better health, correct hormonal imbalances and improve performance. Her diet changes included moving to a higher fat, lower carb/sugar nutrition plan with more whole foods and less processed junk foods. In just a short time, Tina had immense success with the changes including running a PR 2:37 marathon in London earlier this year, recovering and sleeping better than ever, and more. On this show we discuss all of it:

  • Tina’s background in running leading her to becoming an elite runner, but suffering some issues that led her to seeking help from Tawnee
  • Tina’s problems with stress, fatigue, sleep, recovery, and more
  • Even though she needed changes, she was still skeptical… yet trusting enough to give it a go
  • A look at Tina’s former diet, and the diet analysis performed by Tawnee
  • On quality vs. quantity
  • Tina was eating enough calories, it was the quality that was lacking and hurting her
  • Why Tina needed a drastic overhaul to cut the junk, eat more fat and protein, with fewer carbs but NOT go too low carb
  • The art of coaching someone on diet tying in health needs, athletic training, and the psychology of it all
  • Breaking old habits and starting to adopt new ones
  • Baby steps… changing her breakfast and lunch, and still allowing certain foods to avoid being too restrictive
  • The fast positive results Tina felt in a matter of weeks
  • Macronutrients! How many carbs Tina was eating (300-500 grams a day), and the recommendations for carbs that Tawnee gave (eat fewer carbs but don’t go under 150-200 grams of carbs a day)
  • Examples of what she eats
  • Clean eating carbs that Tina has switched to eating regularly
  • How Tina managed all the changes to her diet while still training for two of the biggest races of her life, and incorporating these new fueling concepts into her training
  • Did they decide to tweak her sports nutrition as well?
  • On alleviating some gut issues with the cleaner diet
  • Leading up the the big races: The real test. Tina walks us through how she approached her tapering, pre-race fueling and race fueling.
  • Race morning breakfasts and bathroom stories
  • Best recovery of her life after the half-marathon
  • Her London Marathon experience where she ran a 2:37 PR! We get the full story
  • More on her blog here: More Fat and Protein, Less Carbs and a 2:37 Marathon
  • The recovery bowl that Tina and Tawnee love
  • Timing of carbs for optimal performance and health
  • And more!

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